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To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.

— Goethe


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Work that’s worked

Thought leadership and employee engagement

While having a long legacy of corporate responsibility, our client had never articulated its purpose in a conscious manner. This meant that purpose-driven efforts weren’t well-known by their key stakeholder groups, including employees and customers – and they weren’t getting the kind of credit or traction their actions warranted. We worked with them to develop a three-year strategic plan that began with a C-suite “listening tour” and the development of a purpose platform that included strategic and executional elements. This enabled them to articulate their purpose and connect it to responsibility efforts throughout the enterprise as well as to craft an executive-centered thought leadership plan to further their efforts.

Our work included:

  • Strategy development & planning

  • Purpose platform development

  • Internal engagement campaign development

  • Thought leadership planning and execution

  • Measurement development

Building on Purpose

A global, multi-brand consumer company had long been associated with strong family values, but was facing a game-changing leadership change and wanted to solidify its internal culture. Building on the company’s legacy principles, we guided them in unearthing and crafting a purpose foundation as well as a plan to bring it to life.

Our work included:

  • Strategy development & planning

  • Purpose platform development

  • Internal engagement campaign development

  • Crafting a creative toolkit for internal awareness & engagement

  • Training & development to ensure smooth, consistent implementation

Creating a culture of diversity

One of the world’s best-known professional services firms faced a diversity “crisis.” While its efforts in some areas – such as gender parity – had been successful, it was much less successful in building an ethnically diverse workforce. Even as a global firm, its ranks were largely non-diverse – and it wanted to make changes. We developed an action plan and roadmap that included hard targets, recruiting strategies and operational training that helped this company start down the path of real diversity.

Our work included:

  • Strategy development & planning

  • Internal culture audit and external benchmarking

  • Internal culture mapping

  • Developing & implementing a global standards plan

  • Crafting & implementing a diversity action plan (including recruiting targets and measurements) in key markets


One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.

— Henry Miller